Ministry Contacts

To contact any of the parties below, please click on the listed person and fill out the web form. 

*NOTE: Not all messages go directly to the individual listed. These names represent the current oversight or facilitator, however your message may be directed to volunteer or administrative support for those specific ministries. 

Kingdom Heroes & Family Ministries

Pastor Michelle Lawrence*

Susan Drenkow

Common, Equip, or Teach Tables (Community/Small Groups) 
Pastor Jason Peaks*

Marcus Harris*

Ministry Team
Bill and Kim Dillon*

Security Team
Pastor Michelle Lawrence*

Unlocking Words Writers Group
Betsy Herman

Ushers and Greeters
Jordan Shimon

Wakey Wakey
Jordan Shimon*

Womens Bible Study
Karen Goers

Pastor Jason Peaks*

Youth— One One Three
Rebecca Rogers*

 Young Adults —The Collective
Jordan Shimon